Being a young adult is challenging. You are supposed to figure out who you are, what you want to do with your life and navigate relationships with friends, family, significant others... all while managing everyday stressors. These are often overwhelming and lonely tasks to accomplish. Or perhaps you simply know that you feel anxious or sad, but can't quite identify why.  Either way, therapy can help. Therapy isn't just for mind-blowingly huge problems. Therapy can help with ordinary problems too. Everyone can benefit from therapy. No one can navigate life as smoothly alone as they can with support, so why not let an expert guide you? Sometimes you just need someone who can help guide you through the process of feeling lost or stuck; someone who can be supportive in a way that others cannot. Psychotherapy offers skills to get through stressful moments, while discovering the underlying root of why something might be a stressor to begin with. Adulting is hard work, but therapy can make it easier. 



Therapy is an investment, so you want to make sure you find the right therapist for you. I get that and feel the same way.

A large part of therapy is about the relationship, for it is a collaborative process. It is important to find a good fit. Ideally, you want to be comfortable and get the support that you need from someone you can trust.

I strongly value being honest, authentic and real with my clients. My focus is on being supportive and empathic, yet challenging. I wholeheartedly want my clients to succeed and thrive in their own way. I truly love this work.


Insurance is confusing.

Navigating insurance and accessing mental health options can be a challenge. I want to make accessing therapy as easy/affordable as possible. There are several options. With insurance, sessions often have only a small copay or are 100% covered. Learn more:

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