It is not always easy to ask for help and support, but it is always brave.


Gail Reich, MA, LCPC, studied at the prestigious Northwestern University.  While her background is in psychodynamic theory, she also incorporates cognitive behavioral theory, dialectical behavioral therapy and mindfulness in her work.  Gail works with adolescents, adults, couples & families. In addition to her therapeutic work, Gail is both a trained artist and athlete.  


About Gail

Psychotherapy is all about the relationship between the client and the therapist.  It is important to feel comfortable, to find someone that you can open up to and trust. 

Psychotherapy Services

People seek psychotherapy services for many reasons. Perhaps change has occurred in your life, you are experiencing some anxiety or depression, are having trouble with a relationship in your life, or simply want to talk with an objective individual.  Everyone has something to gain from therapy, whether their issues are large or small.